James Hardman
Limited Edition Giclee Prints

James Hardman lives in an old cabin on the windy north shore of Orcas Island, where he enjoys the company of bald eagles, harbor seals and white-tail deer. He pursues a variety of creative interests including painting, printmaking and music. His visual art celebrates the beauty of his Orcas island home and the surrounding San Juan islands as well. He is self-taught and his unusual style has developed over 20 years of experimentation.. His technique incorporates elements fo glazing methods from the Renaissance with color treatment reminiscent of the pointillists. He works in multiple layers of translucent paint, using either a combination of watercolor and acrylic, or oil and tempura. His paintings have found homes in over 500 private collections across North America. The quality of these giclee prints is now so startling that you would be hard pressed to distinguish them from his original paintings.

Full Moon
Madrona Point Moon
Old Fir On The Ridge
The Path at Mountain Lake
Land's End

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